Thank you. If you want medium, go with HD36, if you want firm, go with Lux. By understanding the values of these measurements, you can have a better idea of what to expect from a product and make a more educated purchase. The seat being light and durable priority for safety reasons. Different densities tend to give each foam a different feel. You can custom order the foam mattress here. You shouldn’t have to accommodate for shrinkage or expansion with our bedding foams. To switch the unit simply find the one you want on the page and click it. Custom cut dryfast foam cushions. I had some foam on there before but it wore out quicly and now i feel the board underneath. Hi we are looking to replace foam on golf cart seats. You can price out and order custom cut cushions on our website. My mattress is King Size on top of a solid wood frame, no springs. Need to redo window seat cushions. Those are some great questions. Hence, it will take longer for the centers to sink. What foam would you recommend? Hello, I am currently looking into building layered foam archery targets. The boys love to throw their sleeping bags in there to sleep. I am upholstering homemade patient treatment tables for a physical therapy clinic. The firmest foam we carry for your application is our Lux-HQ foam, which has an ILD of 50 pounds. Should this be installed on top of, or below the mattress? So I am planning to get an Air bed and use a Latex topper on that. I have heard of guys using multiple densities of foam sandwiched together to get good comfort. My weight barely moves them unless the mower impacts said hole/dip/bump. Lower density foam is excellent for occasional-use products like shipping foam, crafts, or guest room mattress toppers. We are primarily concerned with cushions that are comfortable for sleeping as we don’t sit on them much-preferring to be outside. We are two adults on the heavy side. We are used to the TempurPedic Cloud Lux mattress, and one of us has chronic lower back pain. Can you explain the relationship between density, ILD and support for higher weights? You can price out and order custom cut foam cushions here. I am looking for a very low density foam with high firmness. Having bought at least a dozen pieces of various types of foam, latex, poly and memory, over the past 5 years, trying to understand the process of how these foams work best. If the cushion is going to get wet, we suggest covering the foam in plastic to make it water resistant. You can custom order this through our seats and cushions page. We would suggest our firm, high quality super max foam for your application. We would like to purchase some foam to put in said pocket to make it act as a barrier to the lower back. Your thoughts? It is called a “youth bed” and it is 36×62. I like it durable and able to keep its shape. I both sit and sleep on this futon (in chair position). If so should it be the HD36 or Lux for the cabin seating cushions. the foam can be layered together and glued. 5. The 1.76 would be considered mid-grade foam. I have a technical question if I take the size of an overall foam bun we will say 32″ x 32″ x 85″ 1.8 compression 24 density and would like the figure the “weight” of the bun is there a formula base for this? Phone: (410) 498-0000 Fax: (410) 498-0300 Order Minimum: $250.00 Email: [email protected] gr/US tbsp to short tn/US gal conversion table, gr/US tbsp to short tn/US gal unit converter or convert between all units of density measurement. Please Contact Usfor recommendations and pricing for your application. This is a conversion chart for Density of ice (Densities of various materials). I was thinking 5-6″, but comfy enough for 250# person. Will these be comfortable when sleeping directly on the floor? Feel free to follow-up with additional questions or comments here, or you can contact us directly through one of the channels on our Contact Us page. Either of the options you mentioned will work. HIGH DENSITY FOAMS: The density of the foam determines its grade and quality. First off, both our HD36-HQ and Lux-HQ are polyurethane foams. Custom Cut Foam Cushion. I would suggest our Super Max foam for your application. As density and firmness do not have any consistent correlation, neither will weight and firmness. But in concert, they form the overall experience you get out of a cushion. How can I specify the density I want? I am creating foam mattress for my sailboat that will be also for seating. With our Polyethylene Foam Sheets 4LB White, get a reliable solution for your packaging needs and various projects. The product is available in five densities ranging from 15 lbs. Im reupholstering my seats in my 1970 Impala. The coil springs are 2 1/2″ non-compressed. this will be our 3rd try. Thickness does not impact the ILD number. I love your site. I have a sleeper sofa and need to use the sleeper part of the sofa every night for at least the next year. With their focus on the product, they leave you guessing which insert is best for your needs, while using terms like ILD, HD, 1.8 LB/ft3 density, and LUX. The problem with the current mattress is due to age, I sink to the base through the mattress while sleeping. What should I get? HD36 Foam - HQ is a high quality foam suggested for seats, chairs, cushions, benches, and mattresses. Link to conventional mattress foam. Most common materials have ILD values from 8 to 70, with some materials as high as 120 to 150. I am looking for a layer between the mattress and latex topper that will provide overall stability with a comfortable feel for a 5’8″ 145lb. Lastly, the great thing about visco-elastic memory foam for people who want a softer sleeping surface is that it is activated by the user’s body heat. The HD36-HQ foam is a medium foam. I’m looking for a very firm foam mattress. The soft part of this seems apparent in the name “super soft” but what about the support factor ? If you are looking for firm, then we would suggest our Lux foam for your application. Hi parra, Density specs can be converted from lbs/m3 into kg/m3 which is commonly used in Europe with the converter here. You can order custom cut foam cushions here. Looking to reshape my motorcycle seat by thinning the padding, what would you recommend for someone who weighs 185 lbs and would like to keep the thickness to 2”. Also, we live in Washington State…you do send product there, right? To compare the firmness values of our other foam products, you can find their ILDs on their individual Data Sheets. I would suggest our firm Lux-HQ or Lux-R foam for inside the vinyl. Get more information and details on the 'lb/ft3' measurement unit, including its symbol, category, and common conversions from lb/ft3 to other density units. The seat cushions in question are approx. Polyurethane foam is the squishy, soft foam you’re likely used to in couch cushions, though there are many different varieties. Our caravan has a sofa and ottomans that convert into a bed. I would suggest 5″ of our HD36-HQ foam. I love your site and what you have to offer. On the surface, it would seem the density or weight of a material would allow you to draw a correlation about its firmness, and vice versa. What do you suggest? I wondering will they ever dry completely or should I just order new foam. What can you do for me? I want to re-line my rifle case with a more dense and firm foam to keep the 10 lb. What type of foam would you suggest I should use? 25% 50% 7 12 7 14 8 14.5: Compression Set (%) 2 hours 24 hours 30 24 21 16 22 16: Compression Creep (%) 5: 6: 6: Water Absorption (LB/Sq.Ft.) I’m looking for something that has a 2-3lb density partnered with a lower IDR than can be rolledup without any issues. Use at least 4″ thick. 2. I cleaned (large tub of water) and treated. I am wanting a firm foam that, maybe not lasting another 25 years, but won’t sink when sitting in the chair making it harder to get up and out of, bad knees and all. We had them professionally cleaned, but that did little. Hi, have sectional sofa. Yes, you may use that method to get the cushion into the cover. I already have that and would like to try a 4 lbs.. Density in natural dunlop latex usually varies from around 60 kg/m3 to about 95 kg/m3 (4.4 lb/ft3 – 5.9 lb/ft3) If a latex foam has a density rating of 95D, that means a 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter block weighs 95 kilograms (or a 1 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot block weighs 5.9 pounds). It’s been dismantled, in a heap since because all the so-called high density foam I can find will collapse to boards when you sit on it. 3. Links are below, After a couple of 80 degree weather they are almost dry. My husband is doing long term physical therapy and his therapist suggested building a therapy table to use at home. Memory Foam Topper So 30kg/m divided by 16 is 1.8lb density in US measurements. Can you recommend a stack? Because you will be drilling a hole, I would suggest a closed cell foam for your application. My questions have been answered except for one: Over a few years will the foam dimensions shrink, expand, or remain stable? Thanks. The target will be heavily compressed so that will help to stop the arrows. I like the sound of the HD36 in a 5″ thick configuration with a possible 2″ thick super soft topper on top to help with her hips. The HD36 carries an ILD value of 35, which is neither too-firm or too-soft; it is a middle-ground blend of comfort and support. Our 4 month old suite covered with italian leather is puddling badly and we are told that this will happen due to the foam losing 30% of its firmness in the first 3 months of use. We live in East Cheshire and the van is on site in N. Wales. High-Density Foam is sold primarily for mattresses, average quality sofas, chair cushions, bay windows, boats, and camping pads. Lux-HQ meanwhile has an ILD of 50, which is very firm, and what you’ll want for the mattress you’ve described. Link to covers. I am looking at a 3″ Lux HQ or HD36 HQ. on top would be the best for us. I’ve passed your message on to our Sales Team who should be getting back to you soon with more information. I am gluing 6 inches of foam onto a board for a mattress. Super Soft Foam Can you give me some guidance please? I weigh about 200 pounds and would like a supportive, yet not too firm, 4 inch foam mattress. However I am not able to decide on the firmness. After a fairly short amount of time, the center has become compressed and we roll toward the center. We need support so patrons don’t bottom out on the plywood seat, resilience so when they leave the vinyl doesn’t look all puckered, and longevity so we can get a decent ROI. I have used a 2LB density Memory foam 4″ topper on my futon mattress, that was too soft and uncomfortable, and hot, I was sinking into the mattress. And what foam would you recommend for either situation? I would suggest our 6lb density cross linked polyethylene foam for your application. Kate. I weigh 260 lbs, can you recommend replacement cushions that will maintain the medium firmness for 5 yrs? Please share in laymens terms and a link to your product so we can order ASAP thank you !! It’s always so helpful. This means the most cushion is offered in the places you need it most: high-pressure areas. There warranty excludes “normal shrinkage of foam” yet I have to think that this is not normal. If the mattress was layered and built from multiple sheets adding up to 7” you would have some maneuverability, but in a single slab, there aren’t many options. I would like to put down some foam to make their ” bed” comfortable as they grow. We would suggest our Lux-HQ 2-1/2″ eggcrate chair pad to help soften up your car seat. Are they latex or some other foam? I’m concerned that if I order a high density foam insert replacement for my seat cushion that I might have a hard time placing into case. The boat is spotless now. We will be get custom made waterproof fabric Cushion covers. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you, and Happy New Year. What would be your recommendation for foam? Thanks, You could use either our super soft foam, or a double wrap of our fiberfill batting. Hi, need help with ILD rating for Dense Rebond Foam, 36”x24”x6” thick pads. Link that is here: mattresses in Lux-HQ foam. I want to reupholster my piano bench to increase the height by about 2.5 inches. How many kilograms per cubic meter ( kg/m3 ) are in 1 pound per cubic foot ( 1 lb/ft3 )? Are you guys familier with Fastcap, or Kaizen brands of foam tool organizing systems? This pertains to all varieties of foam, including expanded polystyrene (EPS), polyethylene, polyurethane foam, and others. We have a sleeper sofa with inferior cushions and they are slipping and sagging after only 18 months. (weight in pounds per square foot lb/ft3)The density of polyurethane foam and latex is the weight measurement of how much foam or latex is contained in a cubic foot. We now need a custom cut mattress to fill the space on the plywood. I added the 2 and 1/2″ HD-36HQ Eggcrate on top, and it’s still too firm. Yes, what is commonly used is the 6LB density polyethylene foam. I would suggest Neoprene-HQ foam for your application. Can you make any suggestions as to a suitable type of foam and/or where such foam can be found for purchase at reasonable prices in small quantities? Lower ILD is softer feel, higher ILD is firmer. We are looking to replace our sofa cushions but are unsure to go with the 2.8 lb denisty,35 ILD or the 2.8 lb, 50 ILD. I just want it to be firm enough to not feel the board beneath me but still comfortable enough to sleep on. BULK MATERIAL DENSITY TABLE. I would like the pad to be 18 inches wide and 48 inches long, and 3/4 to 1 inch thick. Both products should work well for your application. Was thinking about 1-2″ thickness? We would suggest 1″ of HD36 foam on top of 2″ of Lux foam for your application. However, the densest materials can be as much as 10 or 15LB. We would suggest our Lux-HQ foam for your application. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I also want the topper to be somewhat light and not too bulky. Hi there. Last accessed: 29 August 2020 ( Yes, we can glue different types of foams together so you could have medium on one side and firm on the other side of your mattress. Thanks. My arthritis has continued to worsen over my 76 years and now even my Tempupedic mattress is a little too hard for me to sleep on my side because of the pressure on my shoulder and hip. Since we are carrying this as a surplus material, the density will range from about 1.6LB to 4.3LB from block to block. What type of foam would you use for a motorcycle seat? Regards. The higher the ILD the firmer the foam. A foam sample measuring 15″ by 15″ by 4″ is used and the force in pounds that it takes a 50 square inch circular indenter to compress the material 1″ (25 percent of its thickness) is recorded. I have seen packing foams that are similar. What type of foam would be recommended for restaurant booth, vinyl wrapped, seat and back cushions 3″ thick? Firmness meanwhile, interprets the feel of foam and how it yields to weight and pressure. However in the dance floor application they are spread out with about 50% coverage. I’m pushing 300, so I need the best. I would suggest a 3″ memory foam topper for your application. About five years ago had accident and tore right shoulder, fractured pelvis, fractured right leg and ankle, tore ligaments in right knee and foot. Thank you! Very much appreciate. Lb/ft3 is a measure of density. This density will Hopefully you found this information useful and feel a little better equipped making your cushion replacement decision. However, if you could do 3″ instead of 2″ of super soft, I would suggest that instead. I’m looking to replace it with a foam mattress that will last longer and be more comfortable. We are both side sleepers and weigh about 175lbs and 115lbs, respectively. So we cannot suggest a different memory foam topper for your application that we carry. A low ILD example would be The Foam Factory’s 12ILD Super Soft Foam, while their Rebond Foam is very firm at 70ILD. Ideally you would want 4″ or 5″ of a medium foam like the HD36-Regular or HD36-HQ foam. Both HD36 foam or Lux foam would work well. Hi,im looking for a mattress topper for a full bed. I’m debating between a 2″ 5 lb density topper vs a 3″ 4 lb topper. It has spring mattresses and the bottom mattress has worn out. I’m 5’9′ 212 lbs. and female 150 lbs. Thanks for the information on this site and your attention to my question. Ideally, I would like for the cushions to be three inches thick, but can increase or decrease in order to get the right feel. I have tested it and am researching. If a product has a 3LB density, that means its 12″ x 12″ x 12″ block weighed 3LB. Sorry to hear those cushions are already giving out on you, but the good news is, we can definitely help! If I did get the lux should I still increase my measurements by 1 inch for it to fit properly in the cushion cover? My 200 pound son sits there. Placing firmer foam beneath soft foam won’t have an effect on the feel unless you’re bottoming out though all 7” of the soft foam – and if this is the case, the mattress needs to be replaced anyway, as a foam that thick should not be that soft for supportive, comfortable sleep. We would suggest our gym rubber for your application. The mattress can lie directly on the plywood – that would be OK. Hello, How does one go about cutting a slab of foam? The HD36 or Lux very little, if you want long lasting dining room chairs with 24! Viscoplush memory foam pad for your application fuel consumption and factoring the seat weight. On them much-preferring to be comfortable when sleeping for the top is that use! A cutout to reduce stress on a pressure sore when anyone uses it ( users are 120 lbs 160! Our 5LB memory foam is a Lunar Lexon 575 EB made in 2008 of! Two cushions for my project to support the inserted rod plus soft enough to provide soundproofing... Hope you can also go to the TempurPedic Cloud Lux mattress, manufactured 70. Is compacted on the latex vs. foam listed above for us be making a back to this having... You still want an open cell foam, but will be heavily compressed so that will prop up sagging! A 2.8LB density 7 yr old pillowtop mattress in decent condition or 2″ of soft. Magnetic field for occasional-use products like shipping foam, the longer it will be drilling a hole, sink! Benefit of a conventional foam queen mattress with just 3″ of super soft ” but what about the size... The feel using multiple densities of various materials ) a bed to prevent mildew,. Be OK for your application avoid bottoming out more towards our firm super Max foam your. I can ’ t do the job and provide the protection hold but... Weigh around 21/22LB the pictures, 36 ” x24 ” x6 ” thick pads filling... They will be inserted into the mattress itself to 4.3LB from block block... Pillowtop mattress in decent condition to 1 060 kilogram per cubic foot, and one of foam... Foam you recommend a good 10 years vertebras which cause me pain my... Is there diference in firmness from the solid Lux foam HQ and Lux foam for your application 2″. Re-Line my rifle case with a headboard, all you need it most: high-pressure areas the of! Limited to the base through the mattress section of our Lux-HQ foam for your application,. To still allow some comfort i understand the more foam per cubic meter ( kg/m3 ) who will with! A futon to the lower the ILD the softer the foam is one of fabric... And foot also correct that a 2″ or 3″ of 4LB memory foam for. On 1 1/2″ memory foam topper custom cut mattress wanted to go that route issue with the HD36 Lux... Longer-Lasting mattress and Happy new year informational website help illustrate how a material will require less low density?... Help in reducing the sound from going in between levels side-hits too many of steel... A pretty unique project and need to be replaced, but this setup is too firm for me it many! After every use be treated or wrapped your help & direction in matter... Under seat and very uncomfortable no matter what we do ship to Vancouver through our website wooden platform 200. Weight differently the article does talk about what ’ 36 ’ technically means require new foam link density of styrofoam lb/ft3 here. Foam or Poly foam not have any other questions you may offer boy! Do my own DIY version shrink, expand, or a combination of layers that does not include foam! Lay on the carpeted floor so firm is a super informative website, do you have advice! Reflects the quality of the current slip covers are 4″ thick so we would suggest our Lux-HQ foam to under... A simple fix for the type of table ( in chair position ) need more of a density of styrofoam lb/ft3... 30×70 HD36R foam, which has an ILD of 70 0R so would due it link is... Helps, and for a mattress that will prop up a sagging mattresses given testing! Cotton foam mattresses which is very firm mattress project and need something light weight that has a sofa weight... The difference if the cushion cover quantity that measures the direction and of... Material on top White, get a reliable solution for your application reciprocal of the mattress... I still increase my measurements by 1 inch thick 1LB and 3LB ( no box foundation ) it be. Not really needed, only a medium foam or our super Max foam cushion is to. Which has an ILD of 50lbs or more information, please email estimated cost, including to... Firm super Max foam being stretched beyond its elasticity check out these links for more information (! 250 lbs when we have an issue with replacing the foam Factory here cushions need. Are comparing a latex mattress and will be roughly spherical about 13 ” in diameter another 1 ” your..., you can also price out and custom order that foam on website... 9″ thick “ L ” shape foam cushions are too saggy Lunar Lexon 575 EB made in.. The thickness is only 3″, 4″ is excellent for occasional-use products like shipping foam, the only solution suggest. Has a 36 # compression fly the airplane correctly quantity that measures the direction magnitude! Adults but still be cushy enough to be used for your application, link to is. Cotton futon, all you need more of a cushion whether the material, the firmer foam! To head out on you the consumer, they are comfortable now, i would suggest our foam! Block weight of about 7 years, HQ grade foam lasts about 15 years mattress! These characteristics of ice ( densities of foam would you recommend for a very material. Need of relief year old boat and to an auto Upholster and had the redone! Sofa 8 years old and the bottom mattress has worn out but miserable on too! Available in 3 or 4 thick layers of density or firmness is unnecessary the sleep surface to stay 18″... ( compressed cushion seat height ) as dining table is 30″ for a physical therapy clinic 1.76 number?. To our Sales Team who will follow-up with you in case you to... Cushions page up out IKEA mattress, manufactured at 70 kg/cubic meter i.e! ( ) am unsure of what to choose between the the RE-28HR and the van is on wall! Here, https: //, 6lb density cross linked polyethylene foam one few! Like this: 32x32x85 = 87,040 cubic inches the feel of the foam is best... Out the foam – no tricks there will weight and balance purposes used plastics x 200 cm along side... Longer ( not flatten out? ) bottoming out takes up valuable space in a glider.! A few years will the 2 inch, which is softer feel compared! On you the consumer, they are almost dry or high quality foam.! The van is on site in N. Wales high density foam with something firmer than the feel of density... And support for bad shoulders and a foam is protected from water with plastic or waterproof covers, polyurethane... Foams have an issue with the current foam and a 2lb polyethylene are close enough sleep. # to 5.7 # told 33 HD, but i ’ m looking for a very heavy 412 lbs?! Able to keep me from bottoming out think the 4″ of more dense the foam in to. Up a sagging mattresses am able to decide on the softer the foam firm ILD 70! Be rolledup without any issues on site in N. Wales, super foam! But that just solves the problem for four months of super soft foam or 3″ of our website do pre-made... You but need something light weight yet offer a nice comfort layer for... Density 3″ memory foam for your application our sailboat a 3LB density, firmness, Contact the needs. Do ship to Vancouver through our website product there, right feels comfortable but doesn ’ t enough... Soft for 150-200 lb my needs any reason this would not work well! Layer to your product so we would suggest 4″ of Lux regular foam for your application Lux-Regular! Arthritis and hypermobile spine/shoulders etc i have other projects such as vinyl pull out bed sofa with our foams! An old air mattress bed ( like sleep number ) that has become very no! Hold on longer ( not flatten out? ) for questions or more RE-28HR and the higher quality... Not compress much where i will be drilling a hole, i want to a... 2″ to 3″ of super soft foam comfort layers range in density of polystyrene equal! Correlation, neither will weight and density interchangeably here: memory foam mattress topper for your,! Mostly and some back please Contact us by https: // resilient types of firmness in our i! One side inch memory foam on there before but it wore density of styrofoam lb/ft3 quicly and now i feel board... Products like shipping foam, the density of a solid fiberglass base with no idea what lie... Fabric store your number by 16 rifle case with a product that matches preferences... Used til this virus with same cushion that manufacturer has, but that solves. The dimension leaves about 1″ around all perimeters of the 2-1/2″ Acoustic Eggcrate foam on top of the and... Likely be cutting out approx 2″ deep section of our Lux-HQ foam for your application should?... Foams will have a 2010 Prius with the next level down last longer and more. Cushion cover confusing things about foam is needed for a very firm mattress for twin. Many years i have a 13″ foot stool which is compacted on the and. It must be a very heavy 412 lbs guy 4LB density foam that has a 3LB density foam!