Also, try to structure your learning opportunities to minimize frequent teacher and adult support. Share with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Let’s not forget this is a particularly disruptive time for parents and students in low-income communities. Getting online quickly: Although written with college-level instructors in mind, this guide can help educators quickly begin online instruction for K-12 classes as well. 1. There’s a Digital Divide in Silicon Valley and It’s Leaving Students Behind, Creating Powerful Learning in a Distanced Context, Sparking Inspiration and Innovation in the Midst of COVID-19. At Teach For America, we know lasting change can happen: All children will get the excellent education they deserve. Managing online classrooms: Outschool is offering 45-minute free webinars for teachers with tips about managing online classrooms, using tools such as a virtual whiteboard, and more. Free activities and icebreakers for online teaching as a freelance online trainer or teacher. Get the class to read aloud. Virtual Elementary Teachers. 2. Here are 7 tips on how to prepare for teaching online. Do you know most of your students are on TikTok? Teachers are being asked to plan on the fly as never before. What motivates you to work as an elementary teacher? 1. Students taking online classes need to feel connected to the class, the teacher, and their classmates—not just to learn but to enjoy the experience. You can speak about your desire to teach, about your teaching mission, a calling you feel inside.You can say that you want to be a good role model for the children in school, because you understand the importance of such role models in 21st century.. Alternatively you can say that you feel … However, it’s important to be sure you’re following best practices for cyber safety by establishing usernames and strong passwords. Remember, this is a challenge for everyone: teachers, families, and students. Here’s 22 Video Lesson Tips For Teachers & Students. Taking online lessons can be beneficial for you because you can play on your own drums from the safety and convenience of your own home. After spending 3 years in this role, I've seen firsthand what works for many students learning at home. 6. Often, the shift to a new virtual classroom comes with a learning curve for teachers too. Students. Try your best to ensure the learning platforms you use are mobile-enabled. It will help with keeping them engaged in my class as well as give them some ideas to use when they start their own teaching. Remember, this is a challenge for everyone: teachers, families, and students. What could I do to make learning more accessible, inclusive, and meaningful? Now more than ever, your students need to be able to connect with each other and with you in whatever way works best. Read below for my top tips for home education families! Website/App. Teachers are scrambling to offer some form of continuing education using virtual technologies, with the recognition that traditional approaches to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and grading must be altered. It also improves the accessibility of a course: Students who may struggle with a particular medium—students with a reading barrier such as dyslexia or a video barrier such as hearing or attention problems—are at a major disadvantage if that medium is the only way to engage with material. Some students may thrive using Zoom chat but are less successful using Zoom video or Flipgrid. By How are we, as a class, doing physically, mentally, and emotionally? Engage With Your Learners Online. Comments, text-based chats, and short videos are just a few ways to fuel conversation. She taught middle and high school English for eight years, and then worked as an instructional coach, supporting K-12 teachers to blend and personalize their classrooms. What resources have been most useful? For the past 15 years, he has been teaching remotely and is sharing his top tips for successful online instruction. To help you along, we've grouped the tools according to some key needs teachers have when setting up virtual classrooms. This creates accountability in that students must come prepared each week to present. 10 Important Tips for Virtual Teaching 1) Virtual teaching takes a lot of time and preparation. Compile common resources with your colleagues. Post your announcements in various places to make sure students and parents don’t miss vital information. This inequity can turn extraordinary situations into impossible ones. 4. They are offering twice weekly “Power Hours” for teachers to drop into a video conference and stay connected, healthy, energized & resilient. Creating Learning Spaces for Hybrid Education. Provide tutorials up front and schedule run-throughs with each student with a family member to help assist younger primary students. Coronavirus: 14 simple tips for better online teaching. Educators need to develop strategies to ensure their students come prepared to learn. As a result, many educators have shifted to online classes to support the learning needs of their students. Thus, it’s important to educate them on the digital tools needed for success. I have received many panicked emails from teachers asking for ideas and resources for taking their classrooms online. 3. ... I’m going to use these with my university students (teaching credential students at the elementary school level). For extra support, try Stay The Course. You can use polling, in-video quizzes, or assessment functions to check for the class’s understanding of the assigned material before you start your virtual class. As a virtual kindergarten teacher, I work very closely with homeschool families. Use your learning commons as a vital resource. This article offers great advice for teachers like you to “do a bad job of putting your courses online.”. Virtual platforms like Zoom allow teachers to connect with their entire class at once to provide more engaging, effective online instruction. 10. While this list provides a good overall guide for virtual learners, teachers also understand that families often have more than one child at home. 7 Tips for Being a Great Virtual Teacher Let Go of Perfectionism. Remember: different families will have different home schedules. Consider the multiple paths students might take to reach that goal. Provide your email and phone number at the end of each communication. Teach For America is a proud member of the AmeriCorps national service network. Copy link Share to Google Classroom Text message E-mail. Even better, utilize the chat features to keep students on track, motivated, and feeling supported. Taking screen-free brain breaks can help. Find ways to make learning fun through weekly challenges, contests and games. Flexible deadlines or longer completion times for typed responses can help address those concerns. In a virtual learning environment, it can be challenging for teachers to hold students accountable when they don’t see them every day. And, of course, special education students are on our minds, as teachers navigate what it looks like to provide necessary supports and allow for flexibility in this new virtual environment. Virtual breakout rooms are the perfect way for teachers to continue small group learning during distanc education this year. Bring dull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences, helping your students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world.Examples include using the interactive whiteboard to display photos, audio clips and videos, as well as encouraging your students to get out of their seats with classroom experiments and local field trips. Speaking of external media, it’s also important to provide material in a variety of formats. These needs -- communicating and messaging effectively, facilitating discussion, assessing learning, delivering lessons, and more -- are also critical ways teachers can create remote learning experiences that keep students interested and active. Show your face. Can a Software Company Help Schools Achieve Equity? Free education subscriptions: This amazing list of education companies offering free subscriptions to teachers and students is updated daily. Make sure to introduce yourself to … Virtual teaching takes as much if not more preparation than... 2) Familiarize yourself with the virtual classroom. Create a flexible timetable. Throughout the U.S. and Canada, governors and legislatures in 48 states and every U.S. and Canadian territory/province have called for the closure of over 124,000 public schools (according to the National Conference of State Legislatures). If students see their teachers laughing, moving, singing or dancing, they’ll do the same! With that being said, don’t be afraid to dive in and learn alongside your kids. Visit . Copyright 2020 Teach For America, Inc. All rights reserved. At Heritage Christian Online School (HCOS), based in British Columbia, the Learning Commons contains materials aligned into unit study kits with prepared lesson plans. Virtual classroom lessons and workshop fun team-building games. Most of your students’ parents are on Instagram? Additionally, it’s also useful to keep in mind your students’ computer literacy and typing skills. Teachers from more than 118,000 schools, who would usually be prepared with lesson plans, hands-on activities, and strategies to deepen relationships with their students, didn’t have a classroom to attend—but like every day, they remain committed and are doing their jobs the best they can. As you make the transition to online teaching, here are some tips, activity ideas, and resources to support your virtual classroom: Communicate to parents the supplies their children will need for at-home learning. By keeping these tips and strategies in mind, educators can better understand the digital classroom and transform the way they teach so that regardless of location, students can experience successful learning outcomes. Record your lectures – don’t stream them. In the main room review the strategies students are learning. 1. What am I learning about my students as participants of my virtual classroom? Training teachers, principals, and district administrators on how to improve remote instruction will take a big commitment to mastering the learning management system and honing video teaching skills. This will assist with lesson planning and service provision. If it helps, break your content into chunks to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed. Your students are not physically in front of you. Some good examples of mixed-m… ... Reading and math teachers, this one works especially well for you. To facilitate more reading among remote learners, OverDrive Education recently announced that it is providing schools with access to 260+ simultaneous use books at no cost. Keep in mind that if devices are available, students may access your online course from phones or tablets. Pippa Davies is Director Learning Commons at Heritage Christian Online School. Teachers can easily start virtual book clubs with resources like the Sora student reading app, which enables students to access eBooks and Audiobooks from their school’s digital collection for leisure and class-assigned reading. To all the teachers and parents navigating this new reality: Hang in there—your love is a strong lesson in itself. Julie Mason is the Head of Curriculum and Content for TeacherVision. Virtual teaching tips are one of many newly-useful responses to the spread of COVID-19. I created this blog post to give my best tips and ideas for teachers facing this challenge. Virtual learning contributed by Pippa Davies, Director Learning Commons at Heritage Christian Online School. Educating over … Featured Tips for Homeschooling. … Teach For America logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Teach For America, Inc. You'll find great content in your inbox soon. Choose your virtual platform. Here’s simply virtual teaching tip: Using any online platform for 45 minutes at a time can be hard on the eyes and mind. These 10 tips can help teachers make a successful transition to virtual teaching. This is a great way to ensure students have a way to ask you questions as they work on assignments or get stuck. Ask yourself questions like: What trends do I see in student participation and what are the possible causes? Inc. you 'll find great content in your inbox soon parents, learning... Teaching while schools are closed during the coronavirus outbreak into impossible ones academic... Responses can help address those concerns you 'll find great content in your inbox soon course. Tips on virtual teaching tips for elementary teachers to make online learning engaging for students, apps and platforms for sharing content!, moving, singing or dancing, they will miss a live streamed lecture this helps students! With the virtual classroom your students are learning how to make learning more,. Fun through weekly challenges, contests and games have patience... as many of your students parents. Never before tips can help teachers keep teaching I created this blog post to give my best tips and have... Students: this infographic outlines best practices for cyber safety by establishing usernames strong! Circumstance can result in a very unmotivated participant a learning curve for teachers transitioning in-person... Works especially well for you sure to introduce yourself to … strategies for the past 15 years, he been... Home education families many panicked emails from teachers asking for ideas and resources for supporting through. Each communication firsthand what works for many other educators this is a proud member of the many teaching. Include engaging resources for supporting students through the coronavirus school closures we know lasting change can happen: all.... Inc. you 'll find great content in your inbox soon organization dedicated to innovation in through. To learn how you can share tips, talk with other teachers and students in low-income communities making... Afraid to dive in and learn alongside your kids updated on January 4th 2021. Feeling overwhelmed, make it difficult enough that one or two students can clearly hear lessons have different schedules. Service network prepared to learn to “ do a bad job of your... Linkedin groups you can get involved teachers have experience with integrating technology into their lesson plans, for example video. Adapt as well assist younger primary students thrive using Zoom video or Flipgrid snow ’ s important to sure..., contests and games some key needs teachers have experience with integrating technology their... The possible causes, mentally, and short videos are just a few of the AmeriCorps service. Obvious but important virtual teaching teachers transitioning from in-person instruction to virtual teaching struggling with internet access they! Get them to Twitter using # remotelearning each other and with you individual activities for Tuesday and regroup... Of many newly-useful responses to the spread of COVID-19 of your students are learning how to make online platforms... The teachers and have a staffroom experience – only online strategies students not. You know most of your students need to be able to connect their... Keep in mind that if devices are available, students may thrive using chat! Know most of your students need to develop strategies to ensure the learning you! Your courses online. ” using Zoom chat but are less successful using Zoom video Flipgrid.